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Vintage Pedal Photo Gallery


Photo of original echoplex echo effect   the gibson meistro   bad finger by EH  
Gibson Meistro
Electro Harmonix Bad Finger
Roland bee baa fuzz pedal   1970 Kay Wah pedal   A classic Dallas Arbiter Trem face Tremolo  
Roland Bee Baa
                      1970's Kay Wah  
Dallas Arbiter  Trem Face
mesa tube pedal   National Siren Wah   Rowland Double beet  
Mesa - This is not very old but a really cool looking tube pedal.
                        National Siren Wah  
Roland Double Beet
a nice uni-vibe pedal, can you say Jimi Hendirx ?   A vintage mutron II Pedal   Vintage marshall Gov'nor pedal with box in great condition  
Late 60's or Early 70's
Univibe with Pedal
Mu-Tron II
Vintage Marshall the " Guv'nor " effect pedal.  This is a very collectable pedal.
mxr pitch transposer   another mu-tro bi phase   moorley power wah pedal  
MXR Pitch Transposer
Mu-Tron  Bi-Phase
Moorley Power Wah
a   small stone pedal   a  
Morley Echo Volume Pedal
Electro Harmonix Small Stone
Phase Shifter Effect Pedal
DGTECH - Digital Delay
dallas arbiter fuzz wah   graphic fuzz eq   fender fuzz wah wah pedal  
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Wah
Graphic Fuzz
Fender Fuzz Wah


Looking for a place to sell your old pedals ?  Want to trade in your pedals for some new gear ? 

If you're selling your pedal or pedal collection we do buy pedals.  We love to buy classic pedals so if you have a Univibe, Fuzz Face, Range Master, Mutron, Morley, Echoplex, Big Muff, Leslie or other cool vintage pedal so if your selling a pedal or pedal collection please contact us.  We will also consider taking your pedals in as a trade in. 

Have a few newer pedals to sell?  We also buy used pedals as long as they're in good working order and decent condition.  Bottom line - If you want to sell or trade your pedals we buy pedals, please contact us for details on how we can buy or trade in your pedals.  Contact us at or call 773-878-8616.




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