Rock n Roll Pedals offers gitar and bass pedals from Carl Martin, Chicago Iron, Death by Audio, Eventide, EWS, Foxx, Fulltone pedals, Homebrew, JMI, Keeley as well as  Korg pedaltuners, Maxon, Oohlala, Rat, Rockett, Red Witch, South Wave, TC Electronic, T-Rex, Vox, Xotic and Zvex effects to name a few.


Effects Pedals for Sale Online, customers say we're the best place to buy pedals.
Gain Pedals from Fulltone, Rockett, Xotic, Rat, Red Witch, Keeley
Great  delay pedals, echo, reverb and loopers from Keeley, Fulltone TTE, T-Rex, TC Electronic Nova
Modulation Pedals - chorus, flanger pedals, tremolo and phaser effects by Electro Harmonix, Fulltone, Carl Martin, Maxon, Moog, HBE, MXR, Red Witch, T-Rex, Zvex and loads more.

Buy keeley compressor, TC Electronic EQ and Death by Audio filter pedals and other top brands
Order a Teese wah, chicago iron wahs, dunlop, keeley, HBE and more.
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The best pedal brands according to our customers.
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Buy Catalinbread Pedals OnlineCatalinbread Pedals

Catalinbread pedals are pint sized powerhouses hand crafted in the USA. These are hot and some of our best selling pedals.  See our Catalinbread Pedal Reviews


Buy the Fulltone TTE tape echo
An Amazing Tape Echo



Buy Xotic Pedals

Xotic pedals are one of our best new pedal lines. They offer great boosters.  the BB Preamp and RC Boosters are very popular and with good reason.  They're awesome !

To see Xotic Pedals


JMI Pedals
JMI has a load of new and reissue pedals to choose from. 


Pigtrnoix Pedal for Sale

               Pigtronix makes a great line of pedals including the Aria distortion and the Mothership analog synthesizer and an excellent envelope phaser.   Pigtronix Lineup


Buy RMC Wah Pedals, the Real Mccoy
Original Teese Wah Pedals

Our pedal shop sells guitar pedals and bass pedals online and in our chicago pedal store.  Featuring Fulltine, keeley, t-rex, emma, foxx, fridgebuzzz, homebrew electronics, rockett, xotic and other great pedal brands.

Welcome to Rock N Roll Pedals, the online Pedal Shop  of Rock N Roll Vintage Inc.   We sell Effects pedals online and in our Chicago Vintage Guitar and Boutique pedal shop so if you're looking for a great pedal you've come to the right place.  We've got one of the best pedal selections in Chicago.  We're renovating this site but please visit the peal shop on our Rocknkrollvintage web site.  We have tons of new, vintage and used pedals in stock.

We carry everything from Boost and Overdrive pedals, Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger pedals to Compressors, Equalizers and of course Wah pedals. 

We're not one of those online super stores, we're musicians who love to play and we've actually played the pedals we sell.  We offer pedals for sale on this web site and in our Chicago guitar shop and pedal showroom so rest assured we'll be here when you need us.  You can buy online or give us a shout and we would be happy to help you find the sound you've been looking for.  If you're in the Chicago area please stop, say hello and try out a few pedals.  -Map and Contact Information -

Selling a pedal collection or interested in a trade in ?  Give us a shout, we would be happy to discuss buying your collection.  We also take guitar and amp trade-ins.

• New this Month - Many new brands now in stock. 

  Please see our used pedals section for our latest offers
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Call 773-878-8616 to place your Order or visit our main pedal shop

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   We are renovating this site. Please visit the pedal shop on our Main Web Site
for even more brands and great pedal deals!

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