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Pedal Tips and Suggestions

Welcome to our pedal tips page
  We will be adding additional tips to this page as time permits. 


Ever wonder what that that guy at the guitar shop was talking about ?  Here's an easy to understand pedal glossary for a few common pedal terms as well as an overview of pedal types.  - Guitar Effects Pedal Glossary -

Pedalboards and signal chains - We're often asked how to rig pedal boards.  While there's no right answer here are a few basic thoughts to get you started but be sure to experiment to find the sound you like.

• We would recommend putting your compressor firs as it will insure the rest of the chain is getting a strong consistent signal.  We love the Keeley 4 knob Compressor but we have a number of great compressors to choose from    -Compressor Pedals-
• Overdrive or Fuzz should be next as you want to distort your guitar's clean tone and not the output of another pedal.   -Fuzz Pedals-
• You might want to put your Wah after your distortion pedal but some players prefer to put the Wah in front of distortion pedals or even in front of your compressor.  Experiment and see what sounds best to you.    Our favorite Wah is the Teese -Teese and other Wahs-
• The previous pedals created your guitar tone, now you can add most of your delay and echo pedals which will insure you will only repeat the signal upstream from the delay.  We love the Fulltone TTE but it is a bit pricey     -Delay Pedal Choices-     -Echo Pedals-     -Loopers-   -TTE-  -Limited Edition TTE-
• For depth you can add Modulation pedals such as a chorus and flanger after your delay but some players prefer to put Modulation pedals before the delay, again experiment and see what you like.    -Chorus Pedals-    -Phaser Pedals-    -Flanger Pedals-
• We recommend adding in Reverb last so the reverb can utilize the entire signal.      -Reverb Pedal Choices-

Don't forget to experiment with your amps settings as well.  You amp is part of the overall system.

Pedals EAT BATTERIES - If you use a lot of pedals or you just forget to unplug them consider a power supply.  You can buy a single power adapter but if you own multiple pedals consider a larger supply with multiple outputs.  Be sure to pay attention to plug polarity.  Many supplies have both 9 and 12 volt outputs.  We like T-Rex's line of fuel tank power supplies

Cables - Using high Quality cables is important.  We offer Fulltone and Bullet Cables for hooking up long runs to your guitar and pedal board and George L cables for chaining pedals.  Please contact our shop for details on George L cable kits which can be cut to custom lengths.

Amp Settings - Run you amp clean and leave the distortion up to your pedals when you are getting know their capabilities

Delay pedals -Many players set and forget.  There are loads effects you can get so don't be afraid to experiment with decay and delay times.

Recording with Effects - If you are doing recording we suggest recording "dry" without effects.  You can modify the recording later but you will not be able to make a "wet" recording "dry".

Distortion pedals - These pedals take a bit of playing with to dial in the right tone.  Be sure to balance the volume of the distortion pedal with your "dry" or clean playing volume so playing levels will remain consistent. 



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