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About Keeley and Keeley Modded Pedals

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Keeley Electronics has been a great pedal line for us.  Customers particularly like the Keeley 4 knob and 2 knob compressors.  While Keeley makes a few excellent pedals like the Java Boost and Fuzz Head they are primarily know for their modded pedals.  They offer mods for a wide variety of pedals including Ibanez, Rat, Boss and Dunlop.  If you're looking for your own sound and you want something that's not quite mainstream give Keeley modded pedals a shot.  Some Keeley pedals are hard to keep in stock.  If we're out of stock please contact us and we can place an order. 

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Keeley 2 and 4 Knob Compressors


The Keeley Compressor, Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine! AND, most recently the READERS SHOICE AWARD for Stomp BOX...It is true audiophile and studio grade compressor in a small package !

The Keeley 4 knob pedals have an Internal Attack control designed for bass players with high output active pick-ups or active pedal boards with buffers as well as Perfect for BASS GUITARS.  Keeley compressors do a great job of smoothing out unstable volume.  The 4 know compressors also have a Input Sensitivity Control!  This means you can use this in your studio to run keyboards, drum machines, drum mics, even master recordings and other line-level uses with the Keeley Compressor.  It's an incredibly flexible compressor. 

4 Knob Compressor  Our Price: $259   Free U.S Shipping on Keeley                      2 Knob Compressor  Our Price: $229


keeley 4 knob compressor for sale onlinebuy keeley 2 know compressons for sale


The Fuzz Head - Keeley's First Original Design Fuzz/Overdrive! Okay... so you're here because you want information on the world's best Overdrive/Fuzz pedal. Well, feel free to read all about it... heck, even buy one while you're at it!!!   You might also want to check out the Robert Keeley Fuzz Head page with a wealth of sound clips and plenty of details about how the clips were recorded, what settings were used, the guitars, amps, other effects, and all that good stuff.  We really like this keeley pedal, buy one and give it your own review !

Our Price $209      Free U.S Shipping on Keeley                            See more photos or buy a Keeley Fuzz Head Online


keeley fuzz head pedal gets great reviews


Keeley Boss DS-1 Modded Distortion Pedal

Keeley Boss DS-1 - Keeley is known for their modded Boss pedals.  The Keeley Modded BOSS DS-1 pedal offers the Finest in Marshall-Amp Tone-In-A-Box!!! Perfect for tones like ACDC, VAN HALEN, VAI. Mark Farner of Grand Funk is using this one; Steve Vai is; Neil Zaza is... the list goes on and on!

* With a diode Toggle Switch you have the DS-ULTRA! Huge tube like tone, switch back and you have the classic Seeing Eye Mod (SEM) version of the pedal for high gain, tube like distortion!

* Extra mods to increase the distortion range at maximum settings, Mods to correct the bass response and give you a fuller, more powerful tone. Perfect for Strats now with this mod!

* Larger Silver Mica Cap installed to further smooth the overall sound.

The Extra LED increases the volume output of the pedal a bit, great for using the DS-1 as a pre-amp to push the amp or to fine tune a low distortion sound on the unit. The way we engineer the mod, it is has increased 2nd order harmonics and tube-like qualities.

Our Price $129                                      Check out all our HBE Keeley Modded Pedals and Shop Online

keeley modded boss ds-1 distortion pedal


Keeley Boss DD3 Modded delay

Keeley Boss DD-3 delay - There are two parts to this mod. First, "SWITCHABLE ANALOG FEEL" and then and EFFECTS LOOP!   Thanks for Robert Keeley players can now take the industry standard compact delay and select between 2 different smoothing caps that give it an analog delay feel or set it for the stock sound buy means of an easy three way toggle switch. Keeley transforms the Direct Out of the stock BOSS DD-3 and converts it into an effects loop so that you can add any effect to Just the Repeats!!!  Pretty cool. Imagine adding slight chorus or phase to the signal so that you can simulate tape effects, warble, wobble, or any other vintage/modern effect you can dream up! You'd be hard pressed to find another delay pedal that gives you this amount of creativity but we don't expect anything less from a Keeley modded pedal.

Our Price:   $209               Free U.S Shipping on Keeley       

keeley modded boss dd3 delay


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We sell the complete Keeley pedal line including the Katana clean boost, 2 and 4 knob compressors, Java Boost, Boss Modded dd1, dd3,
bd2 phat mod, ds-1 ultra mod, cry baby mellow mod, ibanez ad-9 mod, keeley time machine boost and the keeley bypass looper


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