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Zvex pedals, buy the Zvex Fuzz Factory • Jonny Octave Super Hard On • Lo Fi Loop Junky • Ooh Wah II • Box of Rock, they are all great pedals !
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Zvex is know for great boutique pedals and killer paint jobs.  Every custom painted pedal is a work of art with exceptional performance to match.  Zvex has one of the best reputations out there and is personification of sonic perfection.  Zvex has loads of pedals to choose from including Vexter and Vextron pedals which don't have custom paint but are killer Zvex pedals at great prices. Here are a few of our favorites but be sure to visit our Zvex inventory page as there are way too many cool Zvex pedals to list on a single web page.

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The Zvex Super Hard-On Pedal

Zack Zvex has created the Super Hard On preamp, perfect preamp pedal. The "Crackle Okay" volume knob is a negative-feedback control styled after classic 60's recording console inputs. (They crackled when adjusted too.) Most vintage guitars suffer from steadily deteriorating magnets in their pickups, since permanent magnets aren't really forever. The Super Hard-On's input impedance is so high (>5 Meg) that it refuses any current flow from your pickup maintaining the maximum magnetic field around each string so you can hear exactly what your pickup sounded like the day it came off the winder. Great for vintage guitar players and collectors.


Zvex Seek Trem Tremolo

The ZVEX Seek-Trem is an eight-stage sequencer-controlled tremolo pedal. The controls are, from left to right, 4/8/6 step selector switch, speed (tempo), and 8 sequencer volume controls. All of the controls work in the opposite direction from conventional because the pots are smoother this way. This means you have to turn them to the left to make them louder, or in the case of the speed control, to make it faster.  The Zvex Seek Trem also offers a true-bypass stomp switch which causes the sequencer to “halt” and wait at step number 1 until the pedal is turned back on.


Zvex Octane III Fuzz Pedal

A flash back to the 60's Hendrix and all.  The Zvex Octane III (3) Fuzz pedal uses a combination of germanium diode and transistor fuzz generation and a ring modulator to turn simple chords into crazy note combinations and complex chords into incredible noise...and makes solos soar impossibly high.


Zvex Fuzz Factory

This is a five-knob fuzz using two new old-stock sixties germanium transistors. The Fuzz Factory circuit is not modeled after any classic fuzz design but is sounds like it should have been.  Although the five knobs are named for the parameters over which they seem to have the most control, please don't Zack to it. They are controls for various operating levels and biases, and basically shape you a personalized fuzz.  We also carry the cool Vexter version of the Zvex Fuzz Factory for a lot less than the custom painted version.

Buy the Zvex Seek way for sale

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The Zvex Seek Wah Tremolo

We give the Zvex Seek Wah great reviews.  Basically, the Zvex Seek Wah is sort of a combination of a tremolo and a wah wah pedal.  If you're familiar with seventies synths, it's exactly like an analog sequencer controlling a mellow bandpass filter.  You have a choice between 4, 6, or 8 steps for your wah. The 6 step positions works well with 6/8 or 3/4 time songs. The Zvex seek-wah steps through from one wah setting to another and starts over after it gets to the end of the sequence. There's a total of 9 knobs, the leftmost being a speed control, and the other being wah settings, which get brighter when you turn them to the left. You can set up patterns which accentuate notes in arpeggiated chords at particular spots.  We love the Zvex Seek Wah, This is a very cool Wah Tremolo pedal.

- Click Here -  to see the Zvex pedal collection.  The line includes the Zvex Fuzz Factory • Jonny Octave Super Hard On • Lo Fi Loop Junky • Ooh Wah II • Box of Rock
Machine Fuzz • Probe • Super Duper 2 in 1 • Woolly Mammoth • Octane 3 • Vexter • Distortron • Mastotron • Super Hard On • Ringtone • Wah Vexter and Vextron

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