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Xotic AC Booster

The AC Booster is a natural sounding "overdrive" pedal. Not "heavy" distortion, but a sweet thick overdrive with an "open" non-compressed feel.  Super wide range control that makes you rethink the definition of "Booster"

  • Creates a warm and pleasant sound by using the finest quality parts available.
  • The super wide range gain control allows for enough gain for it to work as a distorion pedal when turned all the way up.
  • Equipped with not only boost Gain but also Treble and Bass controls that allow you to adjust your sound anyway you like.
  • True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off.
  • Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery

Xotic BB

The Rockett Boost is a multi-boost offering a treble boost, clean boost and full boost. Each boost stage can be further altered with the punch/bit switch. Our goal with the Rockett Boost was to create a pedal that not only sounds phenomenal itself but also makes other pedals in the chain sound great as well.


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Xotic Effects RC Booster


  •  It's active Treble, Bass ,Gain and Volume controls allow for limitless tone shaping .
  • The RC Booster offers a super transparent 20db+ clean boost and a +- 15db 2 band active EQ without ever compromising the integrity of the original TONE.
  • It provides a solution to sound degradation, caused by long instrument cables and/or long effect chains between guitar and amp, by strengthening the original signal.
  • True bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off.
  • Can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery.


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