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Rock N Roll Pedals is a division of Rock N RollVintage Inc., A a Teese Real McCoy Custom Wah dealer  in Chicago.  These are hot sellers but we usually have several models in stock.  Just give us a call or drop us an email to request our latest inventory.  All hand built in the USA by Geoffrey Teese.

Teese Real Mccoy Custom RMC1 Wah pedal
Teese RMC 1
Price $235

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RMC1 - The RMC 1 is a hand built wah that delivers more sweep range than mass produced wahs.   Besides the increased range, the RMC1 produces a more musical sweep with a repositioned sweet spot, richer mids, and a stronger low end than any chrome-top wah on the market today. Also, the wet output signal of the RMC1 is boosted to keep your sound from getting lost in the crowd like other wahs.

The RMC 1 is tuned primarily for single coil pickups or bass guitar.  If you use humbuckers, we strongly suggest you consider another model, as the RMC1 can sound muddy with some high output humbuckers. All other RMC models are more humbucker friendly.

Teese RMC2 wah
Teese RMC 2
Price $245

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RMC2 - The REAL MCCOY CUSTOM RMC 2 starts with the same primary tuning as the RMC 1. Instead of a volume boost like the RMC1, the RMC2 has a side mounted pot for control of volume. The second case mounted control on the RMC2 is for control of the Q, or sharpness of the wah's attack. The RMC2's Q control shifts the position of the "sweet spot" within the sweep range. The third control is an 11-position (as of February 2007) rotary selector to alter the sweep range. The actual sweeps range from 2/3 of "normal" sweep range all the way to 1 1/2 times "normal" sweep range. Yes, "normal" is in the middle. The 5 sweep ranges that were found on the original RMC2 can also be found within the new 11 sweep ranges.   Hand built in USA by Geoffrey Teese.

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Mccoy RMC 3 Wah pedal
Teese RMC 3
Price $255
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RMC3 -The Real McCoy Custom 3 RMC 3 is the world's first (and only) fully tunable self-contained wah. Vari-Tune circuit controls include: LOW-Controls the amount of low frequencies present in the wah's sweep. MID-Controls the mid-range depth of the sweep. This control affects the vocal-like quality of the wah, as the human voice falls mostly into this range. Q-Controls the position of the sweet spot within the sweep range. VOLUME-Allows you to adjust the output strength of the wah. SWEEP-This bank of 9 DIP switches allows you to select your desired sweep within a 9 octave range. The switches may be used in any combination to create familiar wah sweeps as well as some never before available. The voicing parameters go from higher than the old SCHALLER Bow-wow/Yoy-yoy pedal to deeper than any bass wah.

FINE TUNE-These 2 trimmers work in conjunction with the SWEEP DIP switches to allow you access to values "in-between" switch settings. The effect of these trimmers is slight and might not be audible to every player.  For those that can hear the difference, they are available.

Real McCoy Custom Teeese Picture Wah

Teese RMC 4 Picture Wah
Price $235


RMC4 - Not since 1967 have the true sounds of the original Italian Picture Wah been available in a production model wah. The REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH RMC 4 faithfully reproduces this elusive sound.  Housed in a sparkle metallic blue case and topped with a white footpad, the REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH delivers the classic Italian sound.

This is not a hot-rodded wah like the RMC1.  It is a stock circuit that reproduces all the tonal nuances of the very best sounding Italian Picture Wah we've ever heard. 

RMC Teese Wizard Wah

Teese RMC 5 Wizard Wah
Price $235


RMC5 - Part RMC1, part PICTURE WAH, the RMC 5 WIZARD WAH sounds like nothing else on the planet, with extended sweep range, rich, yet tight lows, smooth mids (some people even call them haunting), a natural sounding top end, and a slight overall boost. 

Unlike the RMC1, the RMC 5 WIZARD WAH is designed to work with most any pickup configuration and any amp gain structure. 

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Teese RNC 6 Wheels of Fire

Teese RMC 6 Wheels of Fire
Price $245


RMC6 - What began as a custom piece in 2003 became an official part of the RMC lineup in 2006.   The RMC 6 WHEELS OF FIRE wah features the sound of the original Macari built wahs of the 1960's and 1970's England.  While still housed in Teese's traditional red hammertone wah case, the WOF duplicates the extra-wide sweep range and all the other nuances of the Macari original.

WOF special features include case mounted controls for volume, Q, and low end emphasis. Like all Teese Wah's, handbilt in the USA by Geoffrey Teese.

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Teese joe Walsh

Teese Joe Walsh Signature Wah

Price $235


Teese Real McCoy RMC Joe Walsh - As of December 14, 2007,  Real McCoy Custom announced their first signature wah-wah pedal (sounds like more to come !  The JOE WALSH SIGNATURE WAH had been in the making for well over a year.

Designed to meet Joe Walsh’s precise sonic specifications, the JOE WALSH SIGNATURE WAH delivers the classic wah sounds heard on all of Joe’s early recordings. The flame graphics were created by Perry Hall according to Joe’s request for the production model of the prototype that's been on his pedal board since the early summer of 2007.


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