TC electronic pedals and effects get great reviews.  Buy a tc electronic Booster, Classis Sustain, Nova Delay, Nova System, Nova Modulator today online or in our chicago pedal shop.  we're rock n roll tc electronics pedals.


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Buy TC Electronic pedals are smoking hot.  Great digital and analog effects pedals for sale online and in our chicago pedal shop.
Buy TC Electronic Pedals and Effects

No matter whether you spell it TC Electronic or Electronics, TC offers a line of rock solid pedals and effects as well as the Nova System all in one super pedal.  Rock N Roll Pedals is the online pedal site for Rock N Roll Vintage, a Chicago pedal and guitar shop.  We're a TC Electronic dealer offering the full line of TC Electronic pedals and bass amps.  TC Electronic is based in Denmark and has been building a reputation for great pedals and effects since 1976.  TC Electronic is a leader in Digital and Analog audio technology.  Their gear is being used in pro audio systems, tv and radio stations, recording studios and top artists (ok guitar players) world wide   Their pedals get great reviews and include the TC Electronic Classic Booster, Classic Sustain, Nova Delay, Nova Modulator, TC Nova Reverb and of course the Nova System Floor Pedal.

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tc electronic booster distortion, great electronics and killer boost.

TC Electronic Classic Booster

Boost til you Drop
This T.C. Electronic boost was made for rocking! Close encounters with thousands of foot soles, millions of miles on the road and a history of being kicked and trot on, this pedal, if any, has truly earned its claim to fame.

Whether you use this baby as an always on signal booster to make your tubes work harder, as an occasional boost for highlighting a solo, lick or passage or as a distortion pedal to go with a clean amp, the TC Electronic Classic Booster pedal will always stay true to your tone with absolutely no coloration or degradation of the original signal.

The built-in noise gate holds feedback in a firm leg lock only letting through the boosted, yet uncolored, roaring signal from your strokes.
  Check out the TC. Electronic Classic Booster now !


Our Price:  $299                                                                          Free USA Shipping

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tc electronic nova system floor pedal, an pedalboard in a box.

The TC Electronic Nova System

Nova - Your tone is everything -  The TC Electronic Nova is one amazing pedal and one of our favorites.  This little giant is a pedal board in a box offering load of popular programmable TC Electronic effects in a single pedal.  Effects include Delay, Boost, Overdrive, Compression and more. The Nova System is a complete, floor-based effects solution for the dedicated guitar player who knows quality when he sees it. Its unique inclusion of an all-analog programmable distortion/overdrive section under preset and expression control makes it the perfect choice whether you want to trim down your rack setup, step up from your pedal patchwork or simply just want the ultimate combination of operational simplicity and audio superiority.  A MIDI interface allows easy software updates and setting backups.  Pick up one today.

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- Click Here -  to see all our TC Electronic Pedals including the Classic Booster, Classic Sustain,
Nova Delay, Nova Modulator, Nova Reverb and of course the Nova System Floor Pedal.

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                    Tc Electronics  makes pedals including the Classic Booster, Classic Sustain, nova delay and nova system and reverb.                                    
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