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About T-Rex Pedals and Effects

T-Rex offers a full line of professional quality pedals and and pedal board power supplies.  Rock N Roll Pedals is pleased to offer the full line of T-Rex guitar effect pedals. T-Rex Engineering is based in Denmark so you don't hear a lot about T-Rex in the States but the 're great pedals. If you're looking for a great stomp box T-Rex engineering has some of the best pedals out there. All T-Rex pedals have fast free shipping !

Rock N Roll-Pedals is the pedal web site of Rock N Roll Vintage, a T-Rex dealer located in Chicago. We carry T-Rex Engineering as well as many other pedal brands and we ship world wide.    Want to by a T- Rex pedal or power supply ?  Buy T-Rex Pedals and Pedalboard Power Supplies online  - Click Here - , drop us an email or buy a T-Rex pedal by visiting in our Chicago pedal shop.


Here are a few of our many T-Rex Power Supplies, Pedals and Effects


T-Tex Fuel Tank, Fuel Tank Junior and Juicy Lucy power supplies

T-rex makes a great line of pedal power supplies. The current lineup consists of the Fuel Tank, Fuel Tank Junior and the Juicy Lucy.  The Fuel Tank features 10 standard plugs with 8 9 volt and 2 isolated as 12 volt outputs.  Juicy Lucy offers 5 12 volt outputs and the Fuel Tank Junior features 5 9 volt outputs, you can also combine 2 outputs for an 18v power output to power up classic pedals. Power supplies include cables and utilize isolated outputs for quiet power musicians will appreciate.

Our Price:$  199                                                                               Free USA Shipping

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T-Rex Alberta Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

The Alberta is quite unique; It makes your guitar sing and provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps. Alberta delivers a creamy, yet crunchy sound with a smooth mid-range boost, reminiscent of the old Ibanez TS-808. Albertas sweet tube-like harmonics and wide and natural sounding tonal spectrum faithfully reproduces all the subtle nuances of your playing dynamics. A MUST HEAR! Electronics: The GAIN knob controls the distortion amount. The LEVEL knob sets the overall volume. The TONE knob affects the top end (edge) of your signal without compromising sonic quality, allowing you to dial in the perfect tonal flavor for you taste. Controls: GAIN, LEVEL and TONE Connections: INPUT-Jack 6,3 mm. OUTPUT-Jack 6,3 mm. DC-Jack 2 mm. pin. Power supply: 9-12V DC or battery 9V Alkaline

Our Price: $  199                                                                              Free USA Shipping

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T-Rex Tone bug for sale online and in a chicago t-rex pedal shop

The T-Rex Tonebug Reverb Pedal

T-Rex Engineering is now shipping the ToneBug Reverb, a stunning new reverb pedal built with one goal in mind: to bring dry, flat-sounding, bedroom-bound guitar playing to life. ToneBug Reverb simulates real-life performance environments – from huge echoey concert halls and modern-sounding live stages, to raunchy clubs and basement dives. But no matter what setting you choose, loads of incredible T-Rex tone will keep you sounding like the best of them.

What makes ToneBug Reverb so versatile is its ingenious dual mode feature. The mode switch lets you go from Modern, for more contemporary reverb sounds, to Spring – for a world of vintage reverb that sounds almost too authentic to be true. It’s really like having two separate pedals in one. Try ToneBug Reverb today, and discover why it’s the one pedal you’ll never want to live without.

Our Price:$  149.99                                                                          Free USA Shipping

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Juicy Lucy, Moller, Mudhoney, Replica delay, Reptile, ToneBug Reverb, Tremster Tremolo, Compnova compressor Pedal

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