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T-Rex - Hot pedals that offer uncompromising sound

Rock N Roll Pedals is pleased to offer the full line of T-Rex guitar effect pedals.  All T-Rex pedals have fast free shipping !  T-Rex offers a full line of professional quality pedals for reasonable prices.  If you're looking for a great stomp box T-Rex pedals are some of the best around.


The Mudhoney is designed for those who want an in-your-face wall of guitar sound jumping out of the speakers. The boost button and the tone knob enable you to dial in every sound you like right from ultra fuzz to smooth jazz sounds. In "OFF-MODE" (with the boost-function bypassed) the Mudhoney delivers moderate gain and a smooth rich sound favoured by many jazz-guitarists.
For a more hairy sound, -just hit that "boost-button" and feel the Mudhoney rumble from hell. 


The T-Rex Replica is one of the best delays out there - bar none !    The Replica uses a variety of leading edge technologies including technology from the hospital instrument industry. It is hard to believe, that this delay pedal is digital. It gives the warmth of all-tube echo and also cool digital delay in studio quality.The usage of these components is of course twisted in a way never seen before. The sound is extraordinary for a digital delay pedal. It sounds like it's analog, pep ole can't believe its digital and neither can we.  An amazing delay guitar pedal and one of our favorite echo pedals, we give the T-Rex Replica a great review.


The T-Rex MØLLER is a classic overdrive pedal that provides a wealth of dynamic overdriven tones with superb tonal control, as well as separate transparent 0-20 db adjustable and switchable clean boost, and a unique overdrive/clean mix option.  The T-Rex Moller is a superb overdrive and also one of our favorites.


Alberta is quite unique; she makes your guitar sing. She provides instant access to the kind of warm overdrive and emotive distortion usually reserved for 30-year-old tube amps. The T-Rex Alberta delivers a creamy, yet crunchy sound with a smooth mid-range boost, reminiscent of the old Ibanez TS-808.


The T-Rex Dr .Swamp is a double distortion Stomp boxl. It has that rich vintage sound T-Rex is known for. Besides the warm crunchy sound, this pedal gives a lot of steady bottom. You can flip back and forth between the two gain settings A and B - by clicking switch A or B. The lid (A or B) is indicating the active gain. The DR. Swamp GAIN A knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch A. The GAIN B knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch B. The LEVEL knob sets the overall volume. In mid-position (twelve o’clock) the volume level is 1:1. When turned full over (clockwise) the Dr. Swamp input signal is boosted 15dB.  

T-REX TREMSTER Tremolo Vibrato

If you are in need off a classic tremolo / vibrato effect with excellent sound and with a wider range of control for very slow and exceptionally deep sounds, you would want to try theT-Rex Tremster from T-Rex-Engineering. The Tremster creates the buttery, seductive tone from a vintage tube amp tremolo. This is accomplished by slightly boosting the signal, thus resulting in a more saturated tone. The Tremster has all the controls you would expect with depth, volume and speed dials as well as a MODE-button switching between tremolo/vibrato-effect and a foot switch to toggle the effect on or off.

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t-rex mudhoney pedal is a great fuzz  stomp box


T-Rex Replica echo

T-Rex Alberta pedals get the best reviews !

Dr. Swamp T-Rex distortion stomp box

T-Rex Tremster vibrato




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