Buy Sib pedals.  SIB offers the Nick Nitro Octave Fuzz and the Mr Echo echo delay.


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Sib - great reviews and great ehco delay and octave fuzz pedals.
About SIB Pedals

SIB makes the Nick Nitro and Mr. Echo Plus pedals.  Both pedals are reasonably priced and sound great.   SIB pedals are hand built and made in the USA. 

Rock N Roll-Pedals is the pedal web site of Rock N Roll Vintage, a SIB dealer located in Chicago. We carry SIB pedals as well as other top brands and we ship world wide.    Want to by an SIB pedal?  Shop for SIB online - Click Here - drop us an email or call our Chicago pedal shop to place your order.

sib nick nitro for sale

Try the SIB Nick Nitro Octave Fuzz

The SIB NICK NITRO includes 2 independent 1960’s type fuzz circuits within one box; capable of independent or layered operation.  The left side of Nick Nitro is a thick fuzz modeled after a Fuzz face but with a smoother tone and much requested pleasingly reduced harshness; controlled by VOLUME and FUZZ.  Silicon Transistors for more gain and sustain but with a some what Germanium feel.  The right side of Nick Nitro features the fundamental fuzz signal plus an octave higher follower fuzz; controlled by VOLUME and TONE.  Based on the famous Octavia but again with a smoother tone, less harshness and with the Octave being more prominent than on the originals.  Each side is engaged by its own foot switch. The Nick Nitro's Tri Color LED operation so user knows which effect is currently being used. RED indicates Fuzz only. Green indicates Octave only. Orange indicates layered operation, both Fuzz and Octave. Very easy and very cool.

Many find the originals to be Fender Amp unfriendly however Nick Nitro users commonly use this pedal with any amplifier with great results.  The SIB Nick Nitro is actually the combination of two earlier SIB Effects Pedals. The Butt Face and The Buttavia - Two completely separate effects in the same box. 

Suggested Retail $149    Our Price:  $119    Free USA Shipping !    - Buy SIB Nick Nitro Online -

Buy the SIB mr echo plus

SIB MR Echo Plus

The SIB Mr Echo Plus  A Highly anticipated pedal and sure to please.  The SIB Mr. Echo Plus features including a slam control and a 550 ms delay with a time pedal control input jack for use with a passive volume pedal.  Volume control for level matching or boost.  Case is sturdy steel and hand built in the USA.

Suggested Retail $239     Our Price:  $179    Free USA Shipping !        - Buy SIB Mr Echo Plus Online -

We're an SIB Pedal dealer located in Chicago selling the SIB Mr Echo plus and Nick Nitro pedals


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