Rockett has smoking hot pedals inlcuding the rockett boost, 10 ton hammer boost overdrive, blue note overdrive, chicken soup overdrive, flex tone, lemon aid and more.  Some of the best overdrives out there and gets great reviews.


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We offer the full line including the rockett boost, 10 ton hammer, afterburner overdrive, blue note overdrive, flex tone and chicken soup. PEDAL SEARCH

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About Rockett Pedals

Rockett pedals are Red Hot and we've got them in stock.   One of our fastest selling line of overdrive and boost pedals.  These are high quality made in the USA and will knock your socks off.  Don't take our word for it, check our all the great reviews Rockett pedals are getting.  Rockett offers Masterbuilt Series and Professional series lines.  You can't go wrong with Rockett.

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Here are a few of our favorite Rockett Pedals

Masterbuilt Series

rockett afterburner
Rockett Afterburner
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Masterbuilt Rockett Afterburner Overdrive

The Afterburner is our new overdrive which we created to be as amp like as we could make it. The pedal settings are very interactive, so spend some time tweaking!

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Masterbuilt Rockett Boost

The Rockett Boost is a multi-boost offering a treble boost, clean boost and full boost. Each boost stage can be further altered with the punch/bit switch. Our goal with the Rockett Boost was to create a pedal that not only sounds phenomenal itself but also makes other pedals in the chain sound great as well.


Rockett Pro Series Pedals


Rockett Pro Series Flex Drive Overdrive

The Flex Drive is our most versatile overdrive of the bunch. This was our attempt to achieve the Malcolm sound which is one of our favorite rhythm tones ever. However, the Flex Drive will get you all the way to VH-2 which happens to be one of our favorite lead tones ever. Luckily enough all of the tones in between can achieve amazing blues and country tones as well, that’s why we call it the Flex Drive. This is just an incredible tool for studio and live performances.

Rockett Pro 10 Ton Hammer

The 10 Ton Hammer is pretty self explanatory. This pedal was designed for the high gain purist. With separate bass and treble controls this pedal allows for very tweakable tones. We personally favor the modern high gain tones with very tight low end and articulate chord voicings. Drop the 10 Ton Hammer on the hardest piece of metal you have!

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Blue Note Overdrive
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Rockett Pro Blue Note Overdrive

The Blue Note Overdrive was an attempt to create the perfect overdrive. The Blue Note gives you a very subtle blues feel but can achieve slightly more gain than a typical tube screamer. The Blue note does not have the inherent mid hump making it suitable for many applications. This pedal is all about feel and really works well with any guitar/amp combination. This is one of our favorites!

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We sell Rockett pedals online and for sale in our Chicago Rockett Pedal Shop

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