Red Witch pedals for sale inlcuding the moon phaser, fuzz god, and red witch empress.


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Red Witch analog pedals.
About Red Witch Pedals

Red Witch is a small effect pedal company from New Zealand known for making great analog pedals.  Their workshop is on the West Coast of the North Island.  Red Witch strives to blend art and technology into our pedals and is dedicated to helping you find the sound you have been looking for.  Red Witch is dedicated to creating unique new pedals - not clones and in our opinion they have been wildly successful.

Rock N Roll-Pedals is the pedal web site of Rock N Roll Vintage, a Red Witch dealer.  We carry Red Witch analog pedals as well as many other brands and we ship world wide.    Want to by a Red Witch Pedal ?  Buy Red Witch Pedals online  - Click Here - , drop us an email or call our Chicago pedal shop to place your order.

buy the amazing red witch fuzz god

Try the Red Witch Fuzz God

The Red Witch Fuzz God is a celestial device featuring two hand picked new old stock Germanium transistors.  The Fuzz God allows you to create fuzzyness of epic proportions (think red seas parting, burning bushes, pillars of salt etc). From your classic fuzz tones of the sustaining, soulful, singing kind through to those of utter chaos - encompassing sub octave madness, parasitic sustain and out of control fax machine dial lunacy.

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red witch tremolo pedals

Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo

Red Witch offers a new approach to tremolo. The Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo offers several features that are completely unique and unavailable elsewhere. Since the fifties the concept of tremolo has changed very little. Controls for Speed, Depth, Volume and Waveshape have been the parameters available for adjustment.   Until Now !

The Red Witch Pentavocal tremolo is simply that - a tremolo with five different voices to choose from. You can select the frequency response by turning the rotary selector to the desired setting. From a delicate, shimmer, flutter trem to a pulse driven low end throb they're all there. The Pentavocal trem can certainly also do the classic sound of a vintage valve trem and then so much more. The Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo pedal also features a unique Bottom control.

bet prices on red withc moon phaser

The Red Witch Moon Phaser

The Red Witch Moon Phaser is an analog phase/ tremolo pedal with pedal with a unique combination of the two - tremophase. It has an almost limitless array of sounds available through its three simple controls. It does not reproduce the sound of any other phaser, it is a unique new design with an incredibly warm transparent tone we refer to as spatial sparkle.

Rotary Controls: Controls include  Velocity - Determines the rate of the phase/ tremolo sweep - from an incredibly slow rise and fall to a super fast pulse.  Trajectory - A unique control which adjusts the shape of the phased wave. Cosmology - A six position rotary switch which selects the phase, tremolo or tremo- phase stage.

The Red Witch Moon Phaser is extraordinary.  Check one out today.

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Analog Red Witch empress chorus for sale

The Red Witch Empress Chorus

Not just any ordinary analog Chorus/Vibe pedal.........Born of the same stock as the Red Witch Medusa chorus-trem , the Red Witch Empress Chorus offers unparalleled chorus options. An infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box.  Her most enticing feature is the unique voicing control; This dial allows you to access virtually any chorus sound you could desire! It changes the delay time – it’s on a pot so you’ve got an infinite number of chorus pedals in one box – from super spanky sparkling clean to noisy, sea sick inducing, pitch bending wobble.

Delay time determines a big part of any chorus units tone/flavor/sound - short delay creates a very pristine, airy chorus whereas longer delay time gives more ‘wobble’ and ‘throb’. Unfortunately virtually all devices available only have one fixed delay setting – or at most a choice of two. The Red Witch Empress Chorus has a circuit that lets you adjust the delay time via a potentiometer – from one extreme to the other and everything in between.

Very Impressive !

Red Witch Pedals include the Fuzz God Fuzz, The Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo, the Red Witch Moon Phaser and the Red Witch Empress Chorus

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