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About Moog Pedals

Moog Music is perhaps best know for theremins, synthesizers and keyboards and Moog has a unique reputation as an innovator on so many levels.  The tradition continues with the current Moog lineup.

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Moogerfooger rm104z analog delay for sale

Moog MoogerFooger Analog Delay MR104Z

The Moogerfooger Moog MF-104Z analog delay sounds fantastic and like all Moogerfoogers it has controls that allow you to vary the sound in a variety of ways that you can only do with a Moogerfooger. Controls include:

Drive and Output Levels allow you to set-up the Z to match the type of signal you want to delay from low level signals (vocals,guitar) to strong signals (studio console output, drum machine). The Z is designed to work with them all.

Delay time: from slightly less than 50 msec to slightly more than 1000 msec.

Mix: Pot Control from completely Dry to completely Wet or anything in between.

Feedback Control The Moog MF-104Z analog delay mixes a portion of the delayed signal with the signal from your instrument. Feedback control can generate a single echo, sustaining echoes, or echoes that build up in chaotic ways.

Switchable Internal Loop / External Loop selects the feedback path. In the Internal Loop position the feedback path goes directly from the output of the delay back to the input.

Loop Gain The Moog MF-104Z analog delay controls the signal level which is applied to the Loop In jack when the “External Loop” is on.

Here is a listing of the jack inputs and outputs on the back of this incredible effect:

Inputs - Audio In

Feedback Amount, Delay Time, and Wet/Dry Mix
each of these can be controlled from a Moog Expression Pedal thru individual jacks on the back of the Z.

Outputs - Mix Out and Delay Out – the Output Level on the front panel adjusts the levels of the direct and delayed signals that appear at the Mix Out and Delay Out.

And last but not least Loop In and Loop Out           - Click to Buy a Moog MoogerFooger Delay Now -

moog mf-105 murf filter pedal dealer with best prices

Moog MF-105 and 105B MuRF Filter Effects

How many times have you wondered, "Why aren't there any NEW effects?" Whether you play guitar, bass, keyboard, make beats, or work in the studio - most effects boxes are based on the same old classics. The Moogerfooger MF-105 MuRF is the antidote to generic, boring effects.

MuRF  stands for "Multiple Resonance Filter Array". What this means is the MuRF has 8 filters - their levels are controlled by 8 sliders. It looks like a graphic eq, but the sound of the filters are very different: warm and resonant.

What is really unique is the ability to animate the levels of the 8 filters in up to 24 preset patterns. The rate of the patterns can be set by a knob, expression pedal, or plug a foot switch into the tap tempo input to match the rate to the tempo of your song. Rhythmic variations can be created by adjusting the levels of the filters. The Envelope control sets the shape of the modulation, which can be set for percolating techno rhythmic modulation or shimmering timbral morphing. Other controls include Input Drive, Output Level and Wet/Dry Mix.

The Moog Moogerfooger MF-105 MuRF   shares the musician-oriented features that are common to all Mooger foogers. All the audio processing is 100% genuine analog, for warm, fat sound quality. Any line level or instrument level audio signal may be processed. Wide-ranging player parameters may be controlled from the panel knobs as well as from expression pedals or CV-compatible analog synthesis instruments. Components are rugged and long lasting, to withstand the rigors of stage and studio. The MuRF is housed in the classic Moogerfooger "double-wedge" enclosure that may be used on a table or on the floor.

For all players, the MuRF will open up new sonic worlds for you!

Moog also makes Bass version, the Moog MF-105B       

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Moog freq box mf-107 mooger fooger sale

Moog MoogerFooger Freq Box MF 107 Pedal

The Moog Moogerfooger MF-107 FreqBox  is different from other effects – the effected sound is not a processed version of your input signal, but the sound of the input signal modulating an internal oscillator. It contains a VCO with continuously variable waveshape, and the capacity to modulate that Oscillator in the following ways:

- the VCO can be hard synced by the input signal
- The VCO can be frequency modulated (FM) by the input signal
- The VCO frequency can be modulated by an envelope follower which tracks the dynamics of the input signal
- The Amplitude of the VCO also tracks the dynamics of the input signal

Hard sync is a classic analog synthesis technique where the start of an oscillator’s cycle can be reset by another. The oscillator being synced takes on the frequency characteristics of the other oscillator, and when its frequency is swept, it reinforces the harmonics of the fundamental frequency. In the case of the FreqBox, the input signal is used to reset the FreqBox’s VCO.

FM is a technique used to get really rich sounds from simple waveforms. The type of FM used in the The MF-107 FreqBox is linear FM. Sounds range from gong or bell-like tones to sizzly sweeps.

The Moog FreqBox, like all moogerfoogers, works with any instrument to line-level input. In addition to the panel controls there are control inputs for use with expression pedals or control voltages and control outputs for interconnecting moogerfoogers like you would a modular synth.

The demo was recorded with an electric guitar, the FreqBox, a Moog EP-1 expression pedal, and recording software on a laptop. That’s it!

The The MF-107 FreqBox can provide some really unusual processing to all types of signals – guitars, synths, drum sounds, vocals or wind instruments allowing you to enter previously unexplored sonic territory.               

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moog mf1-3 12 stage phaser effects pedal

Moog MF-103 12 Stage Phaser Pedal

The Mooger Fooger MF-103 12-stage phaser is a direct descendant of the original Moog modular synthesizers, yet can be used with any instrument level to line level signal. It contains two compete modular functions: a 6 or 12-stage phaser with resonance control, and wide range LFO with amount control.

The 12-Stage Phaser's control parameters are Sweep frequency, Resonance, LFO Rate and LFO Amount. All of these parameters can be controlled by the great feeling knobs that beg to be tweaked as well as expression pedals or external control voltages. Panel switches select range of LFO Rate and 6 or 12 stage phasing. 1/4" jacks are provided for audio input and outputs, pedal/control inputs, LFO out and auxiliary sweep input for bi-phase effects. The heavy-duty yet smooth-acting bypass switch allows tabletop or floor use.

A phaser is a type of comb filter, so called because its frequency response has several dips and peaks, like the teeth of a comb. As the phaser response sweeps back and forth across the frequency spectrum, the harmonics of the audio input signal are alternately increased and decreased. This produces the classic phaser "whooshing" sound.
Phasing is one of the best ways to impart motion to a track and to make sounds come alive. With the MF-103 Phaser you can get swirling, shimmering, vibrating effects; fill up a whole stage from one sound source; even create brand new sonic textures.

The Moog Phaser MF-103  produces two comb-filter responses. They are called 6-Stage and 12-Stage, because of the number of phase-shifting circuits that are used internally. The 6-Stage mode has three dips in its frequency response, while the 12-Stage mode has six dips. These two modes have distinctly different sound qualities. In addition, the MF-103 features a variable feedback circuit which increases the resonance, or depth of the phaser sound.

Power supply is included for use with 110 VAC.     - Click to Buy Moog Phase Online Now -

Order a new moog taurus bass pedal

NEW - The Limited Edition Moog
Taurus Bass Pedal

Perhaps you have heard of the legendary Moog Taurus Bass Pedals?  Perhaps this is your first introduction? Many have called the Moog Taurus the "Fattest Synth Ever" and you will know why we are bringing it back.

The Moog Taurus has long requested by many bands including Rush, The Police, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins, Asia, Weezer, and many more. This is a one time opportunity to own a new set with a new warranty but one absolutely faithful to the original Moog Taurus I sound.

Moog is only producing 1000 of the new Taurus pedals !

Moog anticipates shipping towards the end of 2009. If you are interested in being one of the first owners of this legendary bass pedal call us to place your pre-order.

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Email: info@rocknroll-pedals.com




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