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About Lehle Switchers

The idea behind the Lehle Switcher

Lehle Gitarrentechnik realized that musicians were lacking a dependable switch that had minimal sound loss and noise. First generation models incorporated relays activated with discrete logic. Lehle developed an innovative housing style with an integrated button mechanism that set new standards for robustness and reliability and made it possible to produce larger numbers without sacrificing quality. The Second Generation of Lehle Switching is the result of the constant development and refinement of Lehle Switchers. Extensive improvements and new features have been incorporated - without sacrificing any of the reliable functions of the earlier generation of switchers. Totally new, for example, are the Second Generation's flexible and intuitively operable programmability, plus the capability to network multiple switchers via MIDI. In addition, the newly developed active click suppression system minimizes switching noise without affecting the sound.   Lehle has pulled out all the stops for their current line.  The revised styling transitions smoothly from earlier models and remains clear and easily understandable even with the whole range of new functions. In line with earlier Lehle switchers feature virtually indestructible steel housing with an amazingly durable mechanism and proven no-compromise signal quality!   Lehle switches are in a class by themselves.

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Lehle Dual


The Lehle Dual SGoS routes the signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T . Outputs A and B can feed two different amps simultaneously since the signal paths are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high-end transformer – completely eliminating humming loops. In this case, the potentiometers enable you to lower the output signal for A and B separately. Output T can be used for a tuner or a third amplifier. Both inputs can be routed in stereo to Outputs A and B. In addition, the Lehle Dual SGoS also incorporates gold-plated phase-reverse and ground switches.
The Lehle Dual SGoS can be controlled and synchronized with other Lehle SGoS Switchers via MIDI.

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The Lehle Little Dual routes the signal via gold-plated switches to Outputs A or B. Outputs A and B can feed 2 different amps simultaneously, since the signal paths are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high end transformer – completely eliminating hum loops. Both inputs can be routed in stereo to Outputs A and B separately. In addition, the Lehle Little Dual also incorporates gold-plated phase-reverse and ground lift switches.

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Lehle Little Lehle

The Little Lehle - is a genuine True-Bypass Looper/Switcher. It can be used to manage an effect-loop, or as a simple A/B box. Two instruments can be optionally routed to one amplifier input, or one instrument switched back and forth between two amplifiers. The gold-plated-contact switcher contained in the unit switches with maximum signal fidelity. The separate switching level for the ground contacts makes ground loops impossible. The Little Lehle offers full stereo functionality, with all jacks and internal switching contacts executed in stereo.

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Lehle P Split

The Lehle P-Split - stands for "passive splitting" with maximum signal fidelity. With the Lehle guitar pedal, one instrument can be routed to two amplifiers simultaneously. Output A is electrically isolated from Output B by the Lehle LTHZ high end transformer so ground loops are excluded from the start. In addition, the Lehle P-Split also features a gold-plated-contact phase-reversing and ground switch.

Our Price:   $159.99

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