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About Homebrew HBE Pedals

RNR Pedals is an HBE Dealer offering Homebrew Electronics Pedals an Effects online and in our Chicago Pedal Shop

We've carried HBE (HomeBrew Electronics) pedals for a number of years.  HBE is a small company dedicated to building top quality custom guitar effects pedals.  Each HomeBrew pedal is carefully hand crafted one at a time using only the highest quality components and the utmost attention to detail.  Theses are great pedals but as widely know as some of the larger boutique brands.  HBE offers a wide range of effects blending vintage designs with modern technology.  The new Frost Bite Flanger, Power Screamer and Psilocybe Phaser are some of our best selling HBE pedals.  We offer Free U.S. Shipping on non-Wah HBE Pedals.

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Here are a few of our favorite Homebrew Pedals,  - Click Here -  to see all our all our HBE Pedals

Homebrew Electronics Big D Overdrive Distortion Pedal


The Big D is an Extremely versatile overdrive/distortion pedal capable of achieving many different sounds ranging from light bluesy overdrive to modified hi-gain tube amp distortion. Features 5-way diode select, selectable hard/soft clip mode, ''bigger'' foot switch for adding gain with independent control and extremely high input impendence low noise. We offer very competitive pricing and free shipping. $189 includes shipping!.

Our Price: $189.99

hbe big d distortion pedal


Homebrew Electronics CPR - Compressor Retro ! The Homebrew Electronics CPR is a pedal you may want on all the time. The HBE CPR is extremely transparent and quiet. Use it on any instrument to obtain the singing sustain without the hiss, noise and annoyances associated with other compression pedals. NEW with Homebrew Electronics warranty! We offer very competitive pricing and free shipping. $139* includes shipping! .

Our Price $139                           See more photos or buy a HomeBrew CPR Conpressor Retro Pedal Online


home brew cpr compressor pedal


Homebrew Frost Bite Analog Flanger

HBE HomeBrew Electronics Frost Bite Analog Flanger

The all analog HBE Frost Bite Flanger, is capable of producing a wide range of sounds including: flange, chorus, rotary, vibrato and pitch shift. Please note the FrostBite Flanger has no user serviceable parts, removal of bottom cover will void warranty.


Our Price $239.99                                      Check out all our HBE Homebrew Electronics Pedals and Shop Online

homebrew frostbite flanger pedal for sale


Homebrew Electronics Germaina Treble Booster

The Homebrew Electronics Germania is a recreation of the rangemaster treble booster. Features a NOS germanium transistor and switchable lo-fi/hi-fi modes. Original Rangemaster sound, tough and aggressive. Hi-Fi mode is brighter and more transparent, more gain and less mid emphasis. A great pedal. NEW with Homebrew Electronics warranty! Free shipping on the HBE Germania and we are highly competitive on price.

$99* includes shipping! *Custom Finish Upgrades-Add $16 for Tweed or Checkerboard finish, add $24 for Standard Custom Colors, and add $32 for Translucent, Metallic, Illusions, or Fluorescent finish. A Homebrew Electronics ( HBE) masterpiece.

Our Price:   $99

Germania treble booster recreates a rangemaster


Homebrew Electronics Psylocybe Phase Shifter

Home Brew Electronics Psilocybe Phase Shifter Pedal. Everything from 60's psychedelic to 70's funk to the classic Eddie sounds. The Psylocybe features regeneration and Depth controls as well as Shift 1 & Shift 2 switches to further change the sonic textures. 9v battery or DC powered. True by-pass switching. .

Our Price:   $159.99

HBE Psylocibe Phase Shifter

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