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we're a guyatone dealer located in Chicago.  We sell guyatone pedals online and in our chicago pedal store.
About Guyatone Pedals

We offer Guyatone Micros as well as the Optical Series Tremolo

Guyatone offers a line of affordable pedals that don't compromise on performance. The Guyatone Micro effects were designed by Toshi Torii, the mastermind who engineered the HAO line of boutique pedals. His 20+ years of knowledge and expertise have been incorporated into these new Guyatone Micros, giving each model a wide variety of boutique-quality tones - These new Micros are not just “one sound” wonders!  In addition, three of the models feature true bypass switching, bringing the Guyatone superlative sonic performance to a new level . We also offer the Optical series which combines the best properties of analog and digital in one easy to use package with a tremendous range of tones.

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Guyatone MO-3 Micro Octaver Analog Octave Divider


The MO-3 Micro Octaver is a 100% analog octave divider based on a vintage 1970’s Guyatone delay circuit. The MO-3’s operation will vary greatly depending on input signal and playing dynamics. Featuring One Octave Down, Two Octaves Down, and Dry Blend, the MO-3 can create a wide variety of effects, from standard “doubling effects” to more bizarre synth-like tones reminiscent of such desirable vintage pedals as the MXR Blue Box and Mutron Octave Divider. If you are an experimental musician looking for a unique effect with tons of personality and a highly unpredictable nature, then the MO-3 is the pedal for you!

Our Price: $104.99

guyaton mo-3 octave divider for sale


Guyatone CB3 Cool Booster with True Bypass

The CB-3 is a cool little booster that is designed for a variety of applications. It can be used to boost solo passages, or to distort an input signal while retaining unity gain with the bypassed signal. Its unique tone circuitry allows for boosting of the input signal without altering the original tone. Whatever music you play, keep it cool with the CB-3!

Our Price $100                           See more photos or buy a Guyatone Cool Booster Online


guyatone cool booster


Guyatone OD2+ Overdrive

An upgrade to the award-winning OD-2 Overdrive, the OD-2+ takes the rich tube-like sound of that classic pedal and adds additional tone shaping options by way of a Hi Cut/Hi Boost Tone control and 3-way Overdrive Mode switch.  From clean boost to gain-boosted solo sounds, the "Plus" is a must!

Our Price $89.99                                      Check out all our Guyatone Pedals and Shop Online



Guyatone Ultra Trem Optical Series Tremolo

At last, the analog vs. digital argument is finally laid to rest - Introducing the Guyatone Optical Series of effects. Combining the functionality of digital control with the unsurpassed warmth of analog audio, the Guyatone Optical Series models were designed to meet the needs of the professional musician in a real world performance environment. No longer is it necessary to bring a suitcase full of pedals to a session or to search through menu screens during a gig to achieve the sounds you are after. Practical, versatile, portable and intuitive, the Guyatone Optical Series offer a plethora of essential analog tones in a compact, easy-to-use package. The Guyatone Optical models feature 100% analog audio paths based around custom-made photocouplers that are hand-selected at exacting tolerance ranges. All audio control parameters are easily accessible and adjustable from the units’ front panels, making menu scrolling a thing of the past. Based upon some of the most desirable vintage circuits, the Guyatone Optical effects take these classic sounds of the past and launch them into the future by offering improved performance and additional features.

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