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Buy Fulltone Effects for sale from a Chicago Fulltone dealer or buy online including the Full-Drive MOS FET, GT-500, Fulltone OCD, TTE or Tube Tape Echo, Fat-Boost, Ocatfuzz, Soul-Bender, Robin Trower Overdrive, Deja Vibe and Deja 2, Supa-Trem, Clyde and Bass-Drive.
About Fulltone Pedals and Effects

We offer the complete line of Fulltone pedals and effects.  Place an order by Calling our Chicago pedal shop or Buy Online

Fulltone was founded in 1991 by Mike Fuller, a Session Guitarist, Composer, Performer and Electronic Tinkerer.   In our opinion Fulltone has moved from a Boutique pedal to a mainstream manufacturer in a relatively short period of time and there's a good reason.  Fulltone makes some of the highest quality pedals out there.  They offer great tone, true bypass and heavy duty and quality throughout.  Fulltone pedals get great reviews and are preferred by musicians world wide.  Fulltone offers a 5 year Warranty and the 're made in the USA. The Fulltone pedal lineup includes the Full-Drive MOS FET, GT-500, Fulltone OCD, TTE or Tube Tape Echo, Fat-Boost, Octafuzz, Soul-Bender, Robin Thrower Overdrive, Deja Vibe and Deja 2, Supa-Trem, Clyde, Bass-Drive with more new models on the way. All Fulltone pedals are 100% handmade by Fulltone at their shop in Southern California using full-sized top-notch components.

You can buy Fulltone guitar effects pedals directly off this web site, by placing an order by phone or just stop by our showroom in Chicago.  Call 773-878-8616 to place your order or Shop for Fulltone Online.  

Here are a few of our favorite Fulltone Pedals and Effects,   -Click Here-   to see all our Fulltone Pedals and Prices

The Fulltone OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Drive Pedal

 The Fulltone OCD is in a class by itself.  See why the OCD gets rave reviews and why Guitar Player awarded it their Editor's Pick.  With volume, drive and tone controls you can create you own sound.  An exceptionally clean overdrive letting you hear fundamental notes while still smacking power cords.  The Fulltone OCD lets a Tele sounds like a Tele, a Les Paul like a Les Paul.  This is one of our best selling pedals and it's reasonable priced at  $143.  We're Obsessive Compulsive about the Fulltone OCD.

Don't forget to also check out the Fulltone Full Drive 2 which is a MOSFET overdrive and was chosen by Guitar Player Magazine as one of the all-time top 50 effects ever!



No chip based delays here.  The Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo is pure analog.  If have never played a healthy Echoplex you in for a treat. No rack mount or pedal, analog or digital delay can replicate the natural, warm, and shimmery tones of an old Echoplex. Fulltone has created a real tape based echo providing maximum flexibility and reliability.  You can change the TTE tube preamp and even overdrive it with the tone control turned fully counter-clockwise. Customers tell us they often actually prefer the TTE's echo tones to that of the older Echoplex.  It's very quiet for a mechanical tape drive.  A solid unit that is built to last.  If you want a "warble" Fulltone will provide an additional roller so you can flatten it to create the flat roller induced Echoplex warble.  The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo or TTE stands alone as the best Tape Echo currently available.

                                            See our Price, more photos or buy a Fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo Online


Great deals on the fulltone TTE Tube Tape Echo analog tape


The Fulltone Mini Deja 'Vibe MDV-2 or MDV-2 for short  is a superb Univibe Clone.  It's the perfect pedal in applications where real estate is precious, especially on your pedalboard.  The Mini deja Vive 2 offers the lush organic sounds of a perfect "vintage Univibe clone" and they are now attainable in a space no bigger than a standard wah wah pedal.  Vintage Cream powder coated finish and the same rock solid construction Fulltone is famous for.  With Oxblood lettering and a  Blue LED that throbs to the beat of its asymmetrical rhythm this is one great pedal. The Fulltone MDV-2 also has a heel activated switching system and offers true bypass.

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The Fulltone mini Deja Vibe MDV2 gets great reviews


The Fulltone Catalyst

The Fulltone Catalyst is one of the newest pedals on the Fulltone lineup.  The Catalyst is a GREAT FUZZ/Distortion with loads of flexibility. The Fulltone Catalyst provides a Phenomenal clean-boost, and has a "spark" setting to switch it into overdrive as well.  The Fulltone Catalyst has a proprietary Eq section providing an excellent hi-cut with a great bass control having the proprietary ability to bring in incredible sounding midrange when the pot reaches around 3 o'clock on its rotation.

The Catalyst distortion can raw, refined and everything in between so you can find the sound you have been looking for. .

                                       Buy the Fulltone Catalyst or see prices of our other Fulltone Pedals and Shop Online

We still have a few of the Original Gray Fulltone Pedals - Please ask us about availability

The fulltone catalyst for sale online and in our chicago pedal shop


The Fulltone Clyde Standard and Deluxe Wah

The Fulltone CLYDE Deluxe is the newest version of a Fulltone standard Wah. The Deluxe version of the CLYDE wah has all the features that players have come to know and love about the original, with the following additions: a 10-step Variable Gain Control, True-Bypass w/ bright side-viewable low current Pilot light status indicator.  Fulltone has also added 3 selectable modes: o "Wacked" o "Jimi" (Clyde Standard) o "Shaft" The three-way mode switch and gain control switch will let you dial in almost any type of wah sound you can imagine. Everything from classic tunes to biting funk and even down and dirty low-end grunt.  The Fulltone CLYDE Deluxe can do it all.  If you want a more basic wah check out the Clyde Standard.


buy a fulltone clyde deluxe wah

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