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Eventide Pedals and Effects

About Eventide Pedals and Effects

Eventide was founded in 1971 and is known for digital auto processing gear. Top recording studios worldwide use Eventide effects on hit after hit. Top players including Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Robert Fripp, John Petrucci, and Adrian Belew have used Eventide pedals.  The only problem was they were large and expensive. Eventide has created the Expression line of stompboxes that are now portable and affordable effects pedals.   These exceptional pedals offer loads of effects in a single stomp box, control of wet/dry mix or any combination of parameters as well as easy software update and continuously variable parameters through a MIDI interface.  Very Cool !

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The Eventide Pitchfactor Stomp Box


 The Eventide Pitchfactor incorporates pitch-changing effects from the past 36 years into one hot pedal without compromising quality OR flexibility.  Pitch+delays include Diatonic, PitchFlex™, Quadravox™, Octaver™, HarModulator™, Crystals™, MicroPitch, HarPeggiator™ , H910 / H949 and Synthonizer™.  Up to 4 voices of idatonic pitch shifting and up to 1.5 seconds of stereo delay are possible.  Also features a built in tuner, 10 knob control with MIDI interface for additional variation.  True analog bypass and rugged construction are the hallmark of the Eventide Pitchfactor.


  eventide pitchfactor pedal stompbox pitch factor


The Eventide Modfactor Effects Pedal

The Eventide Modfactor starts with 27 modulation effects including a Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Lowpass ModFilter, Q-Wah, Opto Tremolo  Modfilter, Rotary, TremoloPan, Vibrato, Undulator,Retro Vibrato and Jet Flanger then combines them i to one amazing pedal. Also features plug-and-play expression pedal control of wet/dry mix or any combination of parameters as all expression pedals do.  Control program changes and vary parameters continuously via MIDI. Supports instrument or line level inputs and outputs. Plays well with others; adapts seamlessly with a wide variety of amps and other foot pedals and effects.  This is the king of Modulation pedals.


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The Eventide TimeFactor utilizes 10 stereo of mono delays and includes Digital Delay, Vintage Delay, Tape Echo, Mod Delay, Ducked Delay, Band Delay, Filter Pong, MultiTap, Reverse and Looper effects.  40 user presets and MIDI interface for additional flexibility.  Rugged cast metal construction with guitar or line level outputs and inputs add up to one impressive mega delay pedal.  Consider the Eventide TimeFactor.


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