Emma Electronic makes great pedals and gets great reviews.  Emma features the DiscomBOBulatorWah, the OnoMATOpoeia , ReezaFRATzitx,  TransMORGifier compressor.


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We are an emma pedal dealer in Chicago, we offer Emma for sale online and in buy emma pedals in our pedal shop.     
Emma Electronic of Denmark

About Emma Pedals and Effects

Emma Electronic makes 4 distinctive pedals.  Great quality and amazing sound are what we have come to expect from Emma Electronic Pedals.  Emma features the DiscomBOBulator auto Wah, the OnoMATOpoeia Booster/Overdrive, ReezaFRATzitx Overdrive and the TransMORGifier compressor.  These are high quality pedals, you won't be disapponted.

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EMMA DiscomBOBulator Envelope Filter


The Emma DiscomBoBulator pedal - What is commonly referred to as an “auto wah” or envelope filter. This pedal was designed to react precisely to even the fastest of playing, while still being able to deal with strong signals such as chords. In addition, the Emma Discumbobulator will retain the full spectrum of tone present in the original signal without the volume peaks and dips common to other filters. It’s multiple controls (Sensitivity, Up/ Down, Width and Attack) allow precise adjustment to the responsivness and degree of the effect, while it’s proprietary circuitry allows the Discumbobulator to be used for guitar, bass, or keyboards with equal effectiveness and dead-on tracking.

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EMMA OnoMATOpoeia Boost/Overdrive

The Emma OnoMATOpoeia - A unique booster/ overdrive pedal, that can be used to raise the volume of an instrument to a higher or “solo” level. Because of the addition of a gain control  it also can be used to distort the original signal in the same manner as a tube amplifier when it first begins to overdrive.  The EMMA Onomatopoeia also included are a ”seesaw” tone control and a saturation knob. The Saturation control has a unique function. Before the widespread use of distortion pedals some guitarists would remove one power tube in order to make their amplifier distort. This knob turned hard to the left mimics this same type of distortion, turned to the right the Onomatopoeia amplifies as normal.


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The Emma ReezaFratzitz - A unique type of  OD/dist. pedal that was designed to emulate as faithfully as possible the distortion characteristics of a real tube amp.  With the inclusion of a bias control the user is allowed to adjust the inner workings of the amplifier from class B ( far left) to class A ( far right) and anywhere in between, altering the harmonic structure of the signal and providing a much wider  variety of tonal options than your standard OD/ dist. pedal.

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EMMA TransMORGrifier Compressor

The Emma TransMORGrifier - A compressor pedal incorporating the best attributes of classic pedals while simultaneously eliminating the shortcomings common to such vintage designs.  Included are controls for the adjustment of Attack, Release, and Ratio that allow the user precise and continuous variation to their sound. These controls offer the ability to custom tailor the Emma Transmorgrifier to match the job at hand.



  Emma Transmorgifier can be seplled transmorgifier for sale as well

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