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divided by 13 pedals for sale
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Buy divided by 13 pedals including the block party distortion overdrive pedal online or in chicagoPEDAL SEARCH

Buy divided by 13 pedals for sale online and in our Chicago pedal shop, we're a divided by 13 dealer.
About Divided by 13 Pedals


Introducing Divided by 13  pedals: The Lift, Switch Hazel, Dyna-Ranger and Joyride

No mater how you spell it, Divided by 13 or Divided by Thirteen one thing is for sure, they make great amps.  Now Divided by 13 is offering great Overdrive, Booster and Switcher pedals.  They currently have 5 models to choose from including the new Block Party Overdrive Distortion pedal. 

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divided by 13 dyna ranger

The Divided by 13 Dyna Ranger Pedal

All the way down to the original glass Mullard OC44 transistor, the "Dyna-Ranger" is a 5 range version of our favorite single germanium transistor treble booster from England used by an array of players from Eric Clapton and David Gilmore to Tony Iommi and Brian May.

switchazel pedal from divided by 13

Divided by 13 Switch Hazel

The Switchazel is an A/B or A+B switching box with buffered Low Imp Output, a 9db clean, linear, adjustable boost, and tuner out. Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the adjustable 9db clean, linear "Lift" feature.  The Switch Hazel is a great pedal.

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divided by thirteen lift pedal

  Divided by 13 LIFT

The Lift is a clean, linear, adjustable 9db boost with buffered Low Imp Output. Whether you need a number or two more clean headroom, or to go from 4 to 8 on the volume knob, or 6 to over-the-top compressed, sustaining overdrive, all is available with the Lift.

divided by 13 joyride pedal

Divided by 13 JoyRide

Like the Dyna-Ranger, the Joyride is a highly-adjustable, 3 discreet transistor, warm, organic, and very amp-like sounding overdrive pedal that offers everything from a subtle bump-up with hair, to punishing, highly-boosted over-the-top overdrive. With the Joyride, Volume, Treble, Bass and "Drive" controls, it is very flexible.

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