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Best prices on Death by Audio DBA pedals and effects online or in our Chicago pedal and guitar shop.
About Death by Audio Pedals

Death by Audio ( DBA) effect pedals are some of the hottest pedals out there.
  DBA pedals get awesome reviews, look cool and sound even better.  Each Death by Audio pedal is built by hand with only the best electronic components and extreme care to ensure that each pedal lasts for years and years.  We carry the full line of Death by Audio pedals and effects.  If you haven't heard of Death By Audio it's time to get wise to some of the craziest, coolest, most unique effects pedals out there! Hand made in the USA by real musicians, these pedals reside in the sonic territory of Fulltone and Zvex.  Here are a few of our favorite DBAs.  We offer Free US Shipping on Death by Audio Pedals.

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Instellar Overdriver and Overdriver supreme

Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver Supreme

Finally pure overdrive is here. The Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver Supreme is two Interstellar Overdriver pedals in one with added features for the true rocker who wants to blast their sound into the future! Buy one, buy two, buy them all! The Interstellar Overdriver is quickly becoming a favorite of many professional players since it really brings out the good sound of your amp + guitar and doesn't just completely transparently boost the signal.

This pedal has 6 different settings- Thin Drive, Normal Drive, Normal IOD, Bass Overdrive, Octafuzz, Oscillating Fuzz, Tremolo/Fuzz-

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buy the death buy audio total sonic annihilation overdrive

Death by Audio Total Sonic Annihilation

"Stomp on the switch and crater the planet. Create your own totally unique sounds.  The only effect pedals are overdrive, reverb, delay, flange, chorus and tremolo right?  Err- wrong. DBA offers a totally unique effects pedal which is absolutely like no other effects pedal that has ever been seen 20hz-20khz smashes and crashes and bashes to ashes breaking and twisting and twirling and sputtering . Total Sonic Annihilation is for all of the noise makers, experimentationists, revolutionists, and animals out there -not for the weak of heart  it will make noises like many vintage synthesizers, unique waveform generators +many many many more.  It sounds completely different depending on what effects pedals are used with the Total Sonic Annihilation.  Mix and Match with your existing pedals to create competely new wounds and breath life in to those boring old pedals. Built by hand with only the best electronic components and only the most extreme care to ensure that each pedal lasts for years and years."  An awesome Analog DBA FX.

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great DBA fx pedal, they get great reviews for fuzz pedals

Death Buy Audio Soundwave Breakdown

"The DBA Soundwave Breakdown takes the idea of a screaming fuzz pedal and turns it inside out. It uses specially matched transistors turned backwards to get it's spastic bombastic sound. The one knob controls extreme biasing of one of the transistors and the other controls intense filtering. Although this sounds simple the results are perplexing. The combination of allow a vast universe of fuzz | distortion | overdrive | buzz | grind | bleeps | synth sounds | harmonies | and soundwave manipulation. The exact positions of the knobs yield completely different sounds for endless great insane fuzz tones. Be forewarned, there is no volume control on this beast, it's just a balls to the wall fuzz and does not clean up when the volume control on your guitar is turned down or anything foolish like that.  This is rock and roll inspiration at it's best and damn it sure feels good"  A really cool FX.

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this death by audio fx pedal is a supersonic fuzz gun fuzz pedal for sale online

Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun


The supersonic fuzz gun is a completely unique and huge sounding fuzz pedal. Jaw dropping tone beyond belief.  The goal of the pedal was to make a fuzz with the capability of having an immense range of great and usable fuzzy sounds.  The controls are completely interactive giving an infinite number of great tones, combos and moods. This DBA pedal does it all !

  - Buy the Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun Now -

buy the death by audio harmonic transformer or try the new dba robot.

Death by Audio Harmonic Transformer

Intermodulate your sound and unleash ringing raging fuzz on the world with the DBA Harmonic Transformer. Super big, super viscous and super intense. A huge pedal with a huge sound. Complete with enough alien noises to freak out your listeners. Direct crazy inter modulating distortion to make unique music with. The Harmonic Transformer is an extremely loud and intense fuzz pedal which is very interactive with the incoming signal ranging from over the top to bizarre.  

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DBA Robot Transposer

The Death By Audio Robot is the lates DBA pedal.  The Death by Audio Robot is a low fidelity 8 bit pitch transposer with absolutely no feelings what-so-ever. It is completely synthetic and transforms any input into a spuree of resynthesized robot jargon.  Check on out today.

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Harmonic Transformer • Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver • Octave Clang • Soundwave Breakdown Fuzz
Supersonic Fuzz Gun • Total Sonic • Death by Audio Total Sonic Annihilation  • Fuzz War • DBA Robot Transposer Pedal


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