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About Carl Martin Pedals and Effects

The Carl Martin brand is manufactured by East Sound of Denmark.   East Sound has a history of providing high quality  pedals and effects at reasonable prices.  Their goal was to develop and manufacture products for the demanding professional musician with a superior sound quality and features not seen on any other guitar effect pedal.  Their first pedal, the The Hot Drive'n Boost, was introduced in 1993.

Carl Martin pedals come in a variety of effects for demanding musicians.  Here are a few of our favorites. If you don't see what you're looking for please give us a call.  We're a Carl Martin Dealer so we can order any Carl Martin pedal you're looking for.   You can also stop by our store to try out any Carl Martin pedal we have in stock.   

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The Carl Martin Compressor / Limiter pedal

The Carl Martin Compressor / Limiter has been specially developed to incorporate the same features and sonic clarity found in high quality professional studio compressors. To achieve this they incorporated a variable threshold, -variable compression ratio, -variable attack and release controls and of course gain level.  General Guidelines on the use of the Compressor/Limiter: Threshold: Working anti clockwise, determines how much of the signal will be compressed.

Carl Martin Compressor / Limiter Controls - Comp:determines how much compression is applied to the signal, Resp: determines the attack/release times, Gain: sets the overall gain. Busy: Indicates the amount of compression being applied, even in bypass mode. The brighter it gets, the more compression is being applied

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The Carl Martin Crush Zone gain / distortion pedal

The Crush Zone distortion pedal is a vintage style, high-gain/distortion pedal using the same high quality components as its' Carl Martin cousins, the Crush Zone provides everything from a slight edge to your tone, to mind-blowing distortion. Adjust the cool chicken-head knobs for level and distortion, and then refine your sound using the tone control. Crush Zone is housed in heavy die cast case with 9 volt battery compartment and heavy-duty CM bypass switching. 

  The Crush Zone pedal.


Carl Martin PlexiTone Overdrive Effect Pedal

The Carl Martin PlexiTone Overdrive, is as the name might indicate an unusual high gain three step rocket of an overdrive. The PlexiTone offers two step overdrive, the crunch channel and the high gain channel, on top of that it gives you an up to 20dB clean boost channel. The crunch channel goes from subtle overdrive to hard rock gain stage, the high gain channel goes from rock gain stages to absolutely meltdown, with loads of gain and low end, and all in a tone that brings the memory back to the early 80's high gain guitar hero's. The Plexi Tone has as most Carl Martin pedals do, a built in regulated (+-12V) power supply, to secure the necessary headroom that gives you great tone.  Say yes to PlexiTone !  

  The carl martin Plexi Tone best price.


Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay Pedal

Based on the infamous Carl Martin Delayla, the Carl Martin Red Repeat provides an affordable 600 milliseconds of delay as well as a simply controlled echo. Add just a touch of delay to thicken your sound, or push the echo circuit past 12 o'clock where the unit begins to self-oscillate, just like an old analog delay. Great vintage style and color in a heavy die cast case.  The Red Repeat is a 9 volt pedal with heavy duty bypass switching.

  Carl Martin Red Repeat is like the Delayla


Carl Martin Surf Trem Tremolo Pedal

Remember the great tremolo tones of the 50's and 60's? The Carl Martin Surf Trem gets its' trem circuit from the CM Tremovibe. With just a 'speed' and 'depth' control (just like our old tube amp) those classic tones are easy to achieve. The retro heavy die cast case with 9 volt battery compartment, cool color and heavy duty bypass switch, make the Carl Martin Surf Trem a must have in every pedal box!

  Carl Martin Surf Tremolo

We also carry the Carl Martin Octa Switch, Plexitone, Delayla XL, Echotone, 2Wah and Classic Chorus.

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