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JMI currently has two limited edition pedals both of which are awesome.  JMI offers the Rangemaster treble booster and the Tonebender Fuzz.   We only have a few so if you're interested buy one before they are gone !


JMI Rangemaster

JMI Rangemaster Treble Booster (Limited Edition)

JMI has announced the release of the JMI Limited Edition Rangemaster Treble Booster. Each unit is a detailed replica of the Dallas original using NOS Mullard OC-44 Transistors.  

Our Price: $399.


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JMI Tonebender

JMI Tonebender Fuzz

This is a reissue of the famous 1966 JMI Tonebender. It features Aluminum Cast casing and utilizes 3 x OC75 Mullard Transistors and is a very limited edition.  Check on our and hear why Jimmy Page, George Harrison and other love this pedal.  There are only 250 Units Worldwide.

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